Ring — A Poem

Tim Cox
1 min readSep 25, 2018

a particular sound escapes me
knows when to hide round about
then and only then do we relate
healthy air, sweet, salt, salicious
tells temporary bells when to bong
holds us hostage in three four time
sycamore tea
bloodshot cheeks hang from a crazy husband

a cool wind from a small space
settlers, twins, calamity
winds a serpent up
springs from a short can
tea party in a thermal pool
the sound must be
boiling, can you hear the glug
from the ground of God

a ring from a bitty bell
releases the spouse
he retreats to home
halfway, makes waffles, wipes plates
treats us like a family
a pair, a wagon, harmony
forever hung from the family tree
a swing, a squeak, a spring

a ring



Tim Cox

Reading and writing poetry and fiction. I am hungry for your feedback. I’m also hungry because I’m a vegetarian.