A Few Reasons Why I Love my Brain Disorder

Tim Cox
3 min readSep 18, 2018

Reason number one: I have to do things immediately.

I’m an idea person and I can’t stop them. They just keep popping up.

Example: When I’m making coffee, the sound of the grinder gives me a root note and then I start singing a song about my socks from Uniqlo in a major or minor key with the grinder as the root note. This song sticks in my head and I have to do something about it because the song is catchy and if I don’t do something about it it will leave me forever and I’ll feel like I missed an opportunity.

Stupid and wonderful brain disorder.

And they’re not only musical ideas. They’re all kinds of ideas. Business ideas. Blog posts. Vlogs. Jokes. Ways to approach that bouldering problem. Ways to handle an awkward situation that happened yesterday. Remembering someone that I haven’t thought of in ages.

These ideas happen and I have to do something about them immediately.

That’s a reason right there: when I do things immediately things get done.

Writing them down is not an option. I have to make them exist.

About the person I haven’t thought of in ages, I pray for them. Then I send a thinking-of-you text. If I only write their name down on a list or create a to do it doesn’t get done.

Then that vlog idea: I stream it to YouTube immediately then make a catchy cover photo of the thing because if I just record the video on my phone and promise myself I’ll edit it later I won’t.

I take photos of cool things and come up with a caption in my head and I immediately post them to Instagram because if I don’t then they’ll just sit on my phone until the next time I get bored and go through my photos and mark favorites and post them all to Instagram all at once which is once a year. Maybe once this decade I’ll get a photo book printed.



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